Monday, May 14, 2007

Issues of Malaysian WiMax Operators

Read Jeff's Ooi comments on the recent Malaysian WiMax winners (See article "Broadband 2010: The WiMAX 4")

Personally, I believed the new WiMax operators will have an uphill battle to launch such services. Why? I have a dinner talk with one of the Korean visitors lately. He said the take-up of WiBro (Mobile Wimax) in Korea is slow. The problem with the 1st phase is because all the devices are only Mobile WiMax and thus users have problems when they are out of the WiMax coverage.

Luckily the Korean operator also operate a CDMA network. Now, they have designed new devices which have two-modes i.e. WiMax and CDMA.

So what happen to the Malaysian new WiMax operators who don't have 3G or GSM spectrum? Can they rely on their WiMax network without proper domestic roaming? Will the incumbent 2G and 3G operators allow to have this roaming arrangements?
Something to ponder....

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