Saturday, October 18, 2008

[HOW TO] - Get Your Malaysia Caller ID Working

On Oct. 15, I decided to plunge into using the "turbosim" solution which only costs me RM 185. With the help of a friend, we installed the hardware unlock solution and it works the minute we boot up the iPhone 3G.

However, since I have a Jaibroken 2.1 iPhone 
3G, I am faced with another challenge - the Caller ID issue.

Found a site that helped me a lot --> iSPAZIO

After patching with the Caller ID Fix, the problem still persist with an odd twist. The SMS caller ID is OK but however when I received call the ID is not displayed. The IDs are only displayed when I looked at the list of Missed Calls.

I tweaked around with the .plist files (I'm from Malaysia) and still unable to resolve it.

However, got the following reply from Frank8:
verify this file :
set the two items to my

CPActiveCountryCode my
CPNetworkCountryCode my

tell me what you have found instead
and if it works also without 001 my

Here's some of the pics... and I finally managed to solve it!!! Thanks to Frank8 from iSAZIO.

When I checked the file, I found the two items are set as:

CPActiveCountryCode my

Thus, when I changed to:

CPActiveCountryCode my

and restart. It WORKS!!

Also suggest to read this ---> Contact Numbers Issues


Anonymous said...

how did you open the file to change from sg to my?

future2007 said...

I used pliteditpro


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