Saturday, May 26, 2007

Maxis - Mobile Content Challenge 2007

Its not a surprise to see that Maxis is now pushing hard to be a leader in creating the mobile applications eco-system.

Currently, there are only two mobile telcos in Malaysian that have a Developer Program i.e. Maxis MDP and Celcom Power Circle.

I have been waiting for Celcom CPC to launch a developers competition. They have promised to do so and mentioned that plans are on the way but *sigh* still can't see any announcement in their CPC website.

No wonder the CPC Forum is quiet nowadays.... Maybe the University students are busy with Maxis Mobile Content Challenge. If I'm also a student, most probably I will be joining them too! LOL

However, its good to see that someone is committed and brave enough to drive the mobile data industry. We need more people with this kind of vision. Hopefully, our mobile customers will be more mobile internet savvy and use better applications rather than purely peer-topeer SMS.

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