Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SMART Motorway Malaysia (Tunnel in KL)

Today is my 1st experience (after the Tunnel is officially opened on May 14) to drive through the 3.0 km tunnel.

The tunnel is quite small ... No wonder there is this pole that only allow small vehicles to pass through. I saw one big vehicle trying to back up because the height dont allow it to pass through.

The tunnel is not really straight and enough for two lanes (it merged into one lane before exit). The surface of the road is quite rough. Maybe its made of concrete rather than tar.

Going to KL is quite smooth, but returning to South bound can have a slight congestion at RHB building. Most probably because the entrance of the tunnel is in the Middle thus causing cars from left and right lanes to criss-cross each other.

When I emerged at the exit near Sungai Besi, I will encounter another traffic jam.
*Sigh* Traffic in Malaysia will always be like this. Most probably we need to build multiple elevated highways across City Centre just like in Tokyo.

Its amazing that the Smart Tunnel is published in Wikipedia.

You can view some video here --> Smart Tunnel videos

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