Saturday, September 6, 2008

[HOW TO] - Get iPhone EDGE & iPhone 3G Firmwares

Firmware Files
Firmware files are quite difficult to obtain for some users, so there is a site that hosts them for easy access. Here are the links for the corresponding files:

Note: These are not firmware files from a Torrent or any other site [unsafe]. These firmware files are downloaded directly from Apple's website and are therefore safe. There is no need to change the extension as these files come directly from Apple in the .ipsw file format.

1st Gen iPhone [iPhone EDGE]
1.0.0 - Click me
1.0.1 - Click me
1.0.2 - Click me
1.1.1 - Click me
1.1.2 - Click me
1.1.3 - Click me
1.1.4 - Click me
2.0.0 - Click me
2.0.1 - Click me
2.0.2 - Click me

2nd Gen iPhone [iPhone 3G]
2.0.0 - Click me
2.0.1 - Click me
2.0.2 - Click me

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