Sunday, February 3, 2008

[HOW TO] - To put Your iPod in RECOVERY Mode

Source taken from - Way Too Frequently Asked Questions

12. Help, I bricked my iPod!

No, you didn't. If you seriously screwed it up, the first step is to put it into "Recovery Mode" so iTunes can recognize it.

First, get it to turn off, if you can't with normal methods: Hold down both the Stand-By and Home buttons until it turns off. It can take up to ten seconds (ten chronological seconds, not ten panickily rushed through seconds).

Second, put it into recovery mode:

1. Press and hold the Stand-by button
2. Before the Apple logo appears, press and hold the Home button
3. After the Apple logo appears, release the Stand-by button.
4. Wait up to 30 seconds.
5. After the Connect to iTunes picture appears, you can release the home button. Your iPod is now in recovery mode.

This procedure has moderately tricky timing and may have to be attempted a few times. If you mess up, accidentally release a button at the wrong time, etc. You'll have to shut down your iPod as previously described and start over.

After your iPod is in recovery mode, you can connect it to iTunes and restore.



Anonymous said...

you can also hold the home button (when the ipod is off) and then plug your ipod into the computer

Anonymous said...

what the second guy said was easier for me

Anonymous said...

What if the ipod is jailbroken and not turning on?


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