Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Which is First? Chicken or Egg?

I know the answer! Its the Chicken!

Typical Malaysian mobile data users are SMS users. They use more SMS than GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA services. Why? Most probably we are not tech-savvy.

Some would claim its the issue of not enough compelling applications too use mobile internet. (Other reason would be price, of course)

There are millions of content over the fixed Internet. The telcos should bring this contents to the normal to the mobile users. However, many people misunderstood about the current Internet contents which can be viewed through normal browsing.

Converged applications utilizing both fixed and mobile networks will change the whole landscape of providing mobile applications which simply use SMS.

IMS is the game. The telcos should find a way to migrate to IMS.
Will the telcos invest in the expensive and new technology like IMS? Answer - they should. If not, the IMS eco-system will not flourish.

IMS developers will only come in if there is an infrastructure and users that they can tap into.
Once there are enough applications, we can definitely see more SIP phones in the market (such as the new phones from Nokia).

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