Sunday, January 4, 2009

[HOW-TO] - Yellowsn0w in MALAYSIA

The Dev Team managed to release the software unlock solution called "yellowsn0w" on 1st of Jan 2009.

I'm using an AT&T locked iPhone 3G (8GB) for my Celcom simcard.

After you have Jailbreak your iPhone 3G with Firmware 2.2, you can download the add the Cydia  yellowsn0w source here -->
Don't forget to install the Mobileterminal application too (just in case).
The current solution below works on yellowsn0w ver 0.9.5

I have managed to solve it via this process flow...
After installing the yellowsn0w 0.9.5..
- 3G and Data Roaming off
- Reboot
- Airplane Mode On
- Reset Network Settings
- Airplane Mode Off (...searching...)
- Voila! Got my Celcom signal..!!!
- Switch on the "3G" and "Data Roaming" again to get the 3G services.

NOTE: I have already disabled the Simcard PIN CODE.

So far, its quite stable. In fact the 3G signal is much better than before (when I use turbosim solution on FW 2.1)

Earlier I have tried the method of using the "yellowsn0w -c" etc command but it doesn't work.

Thanks to Dev Team!!
I have been monitoring this progress since I bought my iPhone 3G in August 2008


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